What Makes EMS Unique

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Great Patient Care

Over the last 10 years, our physician partners have become leaders at the state and national level for advocacy efforts to improve clinical initiatives as well as ensure continued financial viability for Emergency Medicine.

We are committed to providing high-quality patient care. Great patient care at EMS means:

  • We are a patient care-driven business
  • The patient comes first
  • Great patient care is for everyone
  • We work to maintain the highest standards of patient care
  • Great patient care makes life more rewarding

Great Service

While our sites, the number of providers, and service lines have expanded, our dedication to patient-centered care, service, and excellence has remained unchanged. EMS is currently supported by over a hundred physicians, many of which are full-time, equal partners. Equal ownership is a core value of EMS and is the key to our continued success and maintenance of high quality. EMS also employs over a hundred APCs and utilizes them in various capacities across all of our sites. EMS leadership supports our physicians and APCs regarding Quality, Wellness, Compensation, Business Strategy, APC Engagement, and Information Technology.

Great Service at EMS means:

  • We go the extra mile for our patients, giving exceptional service to each of them
  • Our bottom line is derived from patient satisfaction
  • At EMS we believe that giving great service is honorable
  • We give great service to ourselves as well as to our patients

Excellent Work Environment

Working at EMS means taking an active part in running the business. Our work makes a difference.

  • We are empowered by the creativity, hard work, and commitment of our staff
  • We are committed to each other’s success
  • We compensate our staff well
  • We provide opportunities for growth and advancement for our staff
  • We involve as many people as possible in the running of the business
  • each of us is committed to being proactive in our work
  • We work to improve in every area
  • We learn from our errors and work quickly to correct them
  • We embrace diversity
  • We like to have fun

The EMS Difference

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  • Physician ownership matters
  • No private equity or venture capital ownership
  • Quality, process improvement, and education are important
  • Innovation is the future of healthcare
  • We share a common mission, values, and goals with our hospital partners
  • Locally-based Wisconsin physicians
  • Accessible leadership

Strong Relationships

Our success stems from our focus on our relationships – our relationships with our patients, community, health system, and with each other.
Emergency Medicine Specialists was established in 1983 at St. Michael’s Hospital in Milwaukee, WI. In the 40-year history of EMS, our reputation for clinical excellence, our focus on quality, and our leadership within our hospital system have been recognized throughout Wisconsin and nationally. With this recognition came growth as our expert services were sought out by hospitals.

  • We build rewarding, long-term relationships with our health systems
  • We are committed to long-term work relationships with our staff
  • We work to build connections with other businesses that share similar values
  • We celebrate group achievement and recognize individual success

A Place to Learn

In addition to over 400,000 patients served annually, EMS provides exceptional services in prehospital, observation, wound, hyperbaric, and urgent care. EMS is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of acute unscheduled care to meet the coming changes in healthcare. Our physician owners also own and operate our revenue cycle management company, ConsensioHealth. This provides a unique perspective on revenue cycle operations and documentation practices.

The ownership mentality that is imbued in our physicians and the focus on professional development leads many EMS physicians to become leaders in their local, regional, and national fields. Serving locally while thinking nationally brings the best value to our patients, hospitals, and communities.

Active in Our Community

Local Involvement and Leadership Matter

Our goal is to have local physicians that live in and are invested in their communities and hospitals. Current EMS serve in a variety of leadership roles in the local, regional, and national healthcare community:

National Leadership

  • Wisconsin ED Physician Leader for the Hospital System National ED Transformation Team
  • One of five national fellows in the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Reimbursement Leadership Development Program
  • Appointed liaison between Emergency Department Practice Management Association (EDPMA) and ACEP for state legislative and regulatory issues
  • Chair of the Reimbursement Subcommittee for the ACEP State Legislative and Regulatory Committee
  • National Emergency Department Practice Management Association Fellow
  • USA Today “Woman of the Year” Dr. Julie Doniere for leadership in preventative health measures including the opiate addiction crisis, gun safety and pandemic response
  • Founding Chair of the Emergency Medicine Business Coalition (EMBC), a national group of independent democratic emergency physician group practices
  • Created and lead the Independent Emergency Medicine Group Master Class in partnership with ACEP and EMBC
  • Steering Committee leader between ACEP and EDPMA on No Surprises Act
    State/Regional Leadership
  • Wisconsin Hospital System State Board Member
  • Elected Chair of State Hospital System Quality, Safety and Service Committee
  • Three active members on Hospital Regional Board
  • Chair of the Bylaws Revision Committee (have led the process to unify bylaws across Hospital SE Wisconsin – 4 total EMS physicians on this team)
  • President of the Medical Staff for combined Elmbrook, St. Joseph’s, Franklin Medical

Executive Committee

  • Representative for the Milwaukee Psychiatric Crisis Redesign Steering Committee
  • Co-Chair and member of Milwaukee County Emergency Management Committee
  • Active member of Milwaukee Health Care Partnership
  • Milwaukee ED Care Coordination Committee Member
  • EPIC ASAP Clinical Leader
  • Past president of WACEP
  • 3 of the 12 current WACEP board members are EMS physicians
  • Milwaukee Magazine “Top Doctor” Award

Local Leadership

  • Chiefs of Staff at 4 Hospitals
  • Chair of Emergency Medicine for all Emergency Departments
  • Wisconsin Physician Representative for Hospital System National ED Transformation Team
  • Active leaders on-site and state-wide teams for Trauma, Chest Pain, Stroke, Sepsis,
  • Readmissions, Utilization Review, Quality and Patient Safety, Disaster Preparedness
  • Strong Emergency Medical Services relationships in the community – have active Emergency
  • Medical Services Service Line


Hold ourselves to the highest standards of patient care

Give service that exceeds what is expected

Show compassion and care in all our actions

Positively impact as many lives as possible


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